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Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to simplify the complicated, educating people to hold our industry more accountable, so that people can feel safe and enjoy where they live and work.

Looking after those who care about people and property.

We help people who fit-out, manage, or own property meet their essential safety obligations. We do this by designing, installing, and maintaining high quality safety systems that provide peace of mind that both people and property are protected.

We partner with you to understand what you need, and how you need it done, simplifying the complex nature of our industry. Our commitment is to deliver contemporary and innovative solutions with a diversely trained team.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio is a reflection of those who have partnered with us in our joint pursuit for safety. As a result of this partnership, we know we are supporting and protecting those who truly care about people and property.

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Sentry Educate

Essential Safety Measures

What are Essential Safety Measures?

Spacing in Apartments

The reasons behind why extinguishers are required within 10m of all Apartment entry doors.

Tolerances and Frequencies

Outlining the tolerances of testing, frequencies of test, and the Classification of Defects as per the Australia Standards.

As part of our commitment to educate and advocate for our clients, we have developed a catalogue of resources that provide simplified information on essential safety topics. Welcome to Sentry Educate.

Sentry educate

Tailored Safety Solutions

What we do